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This website is devoted to compiling news, events and a comprehensive list of links about South Carolina in the Civil War. Historians, researchers, and genealogists should find this page to be extremely useful. People are constantly contacting me about their ancestor. I have neither time nor access to South Carolina libraries to do research for people. This website contains links to help you find answers. If you can't find an answer through these links, your best source of information is The Department of Archives and History in Columbia.

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Hunley Updates

The Friends of the Hunley have a fantasic website that includes information about the submarine, a live cam to watch online the work currently going on, join the Friends group, contribute to the Friends group, and order tickets to visit The Hunley.


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Books On The Regiments of Kershaw's Brigade

Work is underway to write a history of each unit of Joseph Kershaw's Brigade of South Carolina troops. I have already published books on the 2nd and 3rd South Carolina. I hope to re-write these books and am looking for additional information such as copies of letters, diaries and memoirs written by the soldiers. I am also looking for biographical information about them including names of their parents and spouse, date and place of birth, date and cause of death, burial location, profession, etc. If you have information on anyone in these units, please e-mail me at: . Jim Clary is working on the 15th South Carolina. he can be reached at: Sam Davis is working on the 3rd South Carolina Battalion. He can be reached at:



Section One - South Carolina Units

South Carolina Artillery Units Links to unit histories and rosters.

South Carolina Cavalry Units Links to unit histories and rosters.

South Carolina Infantry Units Links to unit histories and rosters.

Section Two - Battles

Battles in South Carolina

Battles in Other States in Which South Carolina Soldiers Fought. If you are looking for information on the battles that South Carolina participated in, this page contains dozens of links to information about these battles.

Official Reports The after-action reports made by South Carolinians or about South Carolinians.

Naval Actions in South Carolina News, information and links about naval actions including the H.L. Hunley

Section Three - Civil War Research

South Carolina Archives Links and addresses for archives around the state.

South Carolina Historical Societies Links and addresses for historical societies around the state.

South Carolina Libraries Links and addresses for libraries around the state.

South Carolina Museums Links and addresses for museums around the state that have or might have information about the Civil War.

Section Four - South Carolina Soldiers

South Carolina Soldiers Biographical information and photos of South Carolina soldiers.

South Carolina Cemeteries Lists of cemeteries around the state. Some have cemetery rosters online. Also links to cemeteries in other states where South Carolina soldiers are buried.

South Carolina Genealogy Links to dozens of sources of information on genealogy.

York County Pension List, 1901-1903, 1907 & 1917

Section Five - Miscellaneous

Civil War in South Carolina A new site of history, regiments, battles and people. Look up your ancestor in the people section

Civil War Bookstores

Other South Carolina Civil War Organizations This includes preservation groups, Civil War Round Tables, etc.

Civil War in Charleston This is a great site about Charleston Civil War History with many good links

Crisis at Fort Sumter This a large interactive program

Columbia Prisoner of War Camp by Bil Brasington


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