Civil War Battles in South Carolina

Battles of the Civil War Involving South Carolina Troops
Civil War Battle Summaries by State
Skirmish on Crescent Ridge (Greenville): Last Clash of the War in South Carolina
Civil War Military Actions Around Charleston A Chronology of Events With Lots of Good Links
Fort Moultrie National Monument
Fort Sumter National Monument
Fort Sumter Essay by Willim J. Hamilton III
Fort Sumter Official Records and Battle Description
Crisis at Fort Sumter A good educational site for teachers and students
Fort SumterLetter on January 12, 1861 by John Hamilton Cornish
Battle of Seccessionville June, 1862
Fort Sumter Ironclad Attack on April 7, 1863
Fort Sumter Report of Alfred Rhett, 1st S.C. Artillery, on Ironclad Attack on April 7, 1863
Fort Sumter Report of Roswell Ripley on Ironclad Attack on April 7, 1863
Attack on Fort Johnson July 2, 1864
Federals in Port Royal Sound
Port Royal Expedition November, 1861
Battle of Port Royal Ferry, January 1, 1862
Battle of Honey Hill November 30, 1864. Article in Bits of Blue & Gray magazine by Kathy Dhalle

Civil War in Columbia
Sherman's March Through South Carolina, Detailed information on Sherman's March
Letter by Tally Simpson, 3rd S.C. written on Christmas Day, 1862 in Fredericksburg
Battle of Rivers' Bridge
Rivers' Bridge State Park

Also see battles in other states that South Carolinians fought in.

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